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Primary Election: June 28, 2022

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New York has three methods available for you to cast your ballot. You can:

  1. Vote with an absentee ballot.

  2. Vote early at your early vote polling location (which may be different from your Election Day polling location).

  3. Vote on Election Day at your Election Day polling location.


Registering to vote

If you are unsure whether or not you are registered to vote, you can click here to verify your status.


To register to vote, you can call 1-800-367-8683 to request a voter registration form, or by using one of the other options provided by the City of New York.

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Voting Absentee

You are eligible to vote with an absentee ballot if:

  1. You are going to be absent from the Five Boroughs on Election Day

  2. You have a disability or illness that prevents you from going to the polls (including being at risk for spreading or contracting COVID 19)

  3. You are the primary caregiver of someone who is ill or physically disabled

  4. You are in jail for a conviction other than a felony

  5. You are a patient or resident of a VA hospital


You can apply for an absentee ballot by clicking here.

Early Voting

Registered voters are eligible to cast a ballot during a nine-day window prior to Election Day. 

The early voting period is June 18 through June 26.

You can find your early voting polling location here.

Election Day


Election Day is June 28, 2022.

Polls are open from 6am to 9pm.

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